Artwork by Gill Day

Cover Art © Gill Day

20 September – 6 October 2013

17 days of mouthwatering events in Nunhead:

  • Food trail & artist led walk l Exhibitions l Fairytale teas
  • Supper clubs l Beer & sherry tasting l Workshops
  • Local producers l Feast on the green & food fair

Appetite is  an exciting programme showcasing food and art in a series of mouth watering, creative and thought provoking events. Appetite will be part of the Nunhead Festivals programme this summer.

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A is for Appetite

beer and bunting
bar snacks and brownies
cocktails and canapés
chocolate and cronuts
dumplings and dancing
dinners and drawings
etchings and elegance
food trail for foodies
galleries and glamour
herbs and infusions
jerk chicken and pork
knives and forks
larders and lagers
menus and music
NUN POP and Nunhead
offal and offers
platters of pates
pubs and parties
roasts and Rieslings
suppers and snacks
samples of sherries
sweets and savouries
vino and vegetables
waiters and wine

Tuck in to Nunhead!

Artillery are delighted to be working with Nunhead Festival and local food businesses to present Appetite.

There has been a great response to the call for participation and we are confident that we have all the ingredients to satisfy everyone’s tastes over the festival period.

Strands of the Appetite Festival include a Feast on the Green with Auntie Maureen’s Gourmet Food Fair, a Food Trail with free bite size tasters, a guided walking tour with pop up performance in local businesses, illustrations in shop windows, exhibitions and installations, and meet the brewer sessions in a local pub.

Appetite aims to encourage collaboration between food and drinks businesses and artists, celebrating the talents of the community and creating social occasions with the universal theme of food. Local artists are getting involved and have designed our programme cover as well as taken on the task of adding illustrations to the windows of local foodie businesses. There are also cultural events happening at The Old Nun’s Head and The Dish & the Spoon.

London really is a global village and we are so fortunate that we have the opportunity to sample the culinary delights of such a diverse range of cultures and countries right on our doorstep. During Appetite there will be offerings from the Caribbean, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal and New York. Closer to home we’ll be celebrating the talents of local chefs, brewers and artists.

Little people have not been forgotten and a special story-telling event for the 5s and under will be packed with magical food and drink-related tales. This is our first Appetite in Nunhead and we hope that next year it will be even bigger – this is our starter. Next time let’s get those secretly talented local cooks to leave their pantries and try their hands at pop-up cafés.

So enjoy this opportunity to try something different and meet new people at a beautifully prepared meal or at a fabulously sumptuous afternoon tea. Find out what a cronut is or the best cheese to enliven a fine Spanish sherry and slip on that Lucha Libre mask and get a free shot of tequila!


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